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Q2 Landed homes sale highest since 2012

538 landed homes were sold in the second quarter – this is the highest quarterly volume since the fourth quarter of 2012. Overall, the number of landed homes sold has increased, driven by falling prices and limited supply of landed homes. URA flash estimates released recently indicated that prices of landed residential properties fell further by 0.4 % for Q2, down from a 1.8 % drop in the previous quarter.

The market for good class bungalows (GCBs) is lukewarm although the market for smaller bungalows in GCB areas is on a rise. Good class bungalows (GCBs) are the most prestigious segment of landed property in Singapore.

Leases running out for these old homes

The reality of an expiring lease is slowly seeping in for an estimated 30 households – out of 190 private landed homes – still living in the Geylang Lorong 3 estate.

Besides Geylang Lorong 3, there are at least three other private residential estates with fewer than 40 years left on the lease. At Jalan Chempaka Kuning in Bedok, a 70-year leasehold property with 17 years left, residents have been asking the land’s trustee to extend the lease at each annual general meeting.

Four private estates with less than 40 years of lease left:


Tenure: 60-year leasehold from 1960 Lease expiry: 2020

Geylang Lor 3.png


Tenure: 70-year leasehold from 1964 Lease expiry: 2034

Jln Chempaka kuning.png


Tenure: 99-year leasehold from 1947 Lease expiry: 2046

fuyong estate.png


Tenure: 99-year leasehold from 1952 Lease expiry: 2051

riflerange road.png

Wareham Road #katonghomes

This street is near Dakota MRT Station and is close to good schools and eateries in Katong Area. Minutes to Tanjong Katong Road, Old Airport Amenities and next to Geylang River, this street consists of semi-detached houses and bungalows and is a serene neighbourhood. Accessibility via public transport includes MRT and buses.

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Landed Transactions for SemiDs

Here are the recent transactions for Semi-Detached Houses in District 15.

Semi-Detached House
Recent transactions in District 15
Source: URA
Date District  Project Name  Address Property Tenure Area Type Price Price
Type (sq ft) of Area ($psf) ($)
20-May-14 15 N.A. XX Tanjong Katong Road Semi-Detached Freehold 3,821 Land 1,283 4,900,000
29-Apr-14 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX La Salle Street Semi-Detached Freehold 4,661 Land 1,073 5,000,000
17-Apr-14 15 N.A. XX Jalan Baiduri Semi-Detached Freehold 2,626 Land 1,408 3,700,000
4-Apr-14 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Frankel Avenue Semi-Detached Freehold 4,510 Land 1,153 5,200,000
14-Mar-14 15 OPERA ESTATE XX Carmen Street Semi-Detached Freehold 3,003 Land 1,393 4,180,000
11-Feb-14 15 OPERA ESTATE XX Aida Street Semi-Detached Freehold 3,003 Land 1,432 4,300,000
6-Feb-14 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Yarrow Gardens Semi-Detached Freehold 2,896 Land 1,207 3,500,000
4-Feb-14 15 SEA VIEW PARK XX Jalan Seaview Semi-Detached Freehold 3,401 Land 1,381 4,700,000
8-Jan-14 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Frankel Avenue Semi-Detached Freehold 3,961 Land 1,173 4,650,000
3-Dec-13 15 N.A. XX East Coast Road Semi-Detached Freehold 4,090 Land 1,387 5,680,000
2-Dec-13 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Roseburn Avenue Semi-Detached Freehold 2,594 Land 2,199 5,700,000
27-Nov-13 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Frankel Avenue Semi-Detached Freehold 3,283 Land 1,082 3,550,000
19-Nov-13 15 N.A. XX Still Road Semi-Detached Freehold 2,777 Land 1,280 3,550,000
19-Nov-13 15 N.A. XX Jalan Tanah Puteh Semi-Detached Freehold 2,562 Land 1,794 4,600,000
7-Oct-13 15 N.A. XX Pulasan Road Semi-Detached Freehold 3,046 Land 1,205 3,668,000
25-Sep-13 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Siglap Road Semi-Detached Freehold 2,260 Land 1,579 3,560,000
12-Sep-13 15 FRANKEL ESTATE XX Siglap Drive Semi-Detached Freehold 3,606 Land 971 3,500,000
19-Aug-13 15 SEA VIEW PARK XX Jalan Sedap Semi-Detached Freehold 3,401 Land 1,427 4,850,000
7-Aug-13 15 SEA VIEW PARK XX Jalan Seaview Semi-Detached Freehold 3,832 Land 1,289 4,940,000
5-Aug-13 15 N.A. XX Ceylon Road Semi-Detached Freehold 3,294 Land 1,244 4,100,000

Marshall Road

Marshall Rd

East Coast Road marshall road marshall road marshall road

Marshall Road which is located in Katong, runs parallel to Ceylon Road and connects Pennefather Road to East Coast Road. It was named in 1934 after Captain H.T.Marshall, the first Chairman of the Municipal Commission in 1856.The road was known as Lorong 210 East Coast before being renamed Marshall Road in 1934 after Captain H. T. Marshall, who was appointed the first Chairman of the Municipal Commission in 1856. Captain Marshall was also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Superintendent of the Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation company Limited until 1859. The excerpt is extracted from Infopedia.


Getting a landed house in Katong

Whether for stay or for investment, land is always the best choice for the well-heeled. Landed houses in Singapore, due to its scarcity and versatility, are in rage these days. Despite the headwinds of global and local economy, landed homes present resilience against price drops, and when economy picks up, they are among the best performing.


wareham house

Everitt houses

Tembeling Houses