Train Network in Katong area

Accessibility options to Katong is abundant with choices. Buses are plentiful to Town, Orchard and Airport. The new MRT line is in the works. Existing stations of Paya Lebar, Eunos, Dakota, Mountbatten and Stadium serves the residents and visitors alike with great ease.

1. Dakota MRT Station (Circle Line),-PYHvl422Mhh0WJO4-6Atzpp3Mig2LPljdLBMUqZ47zpl9HTXArlTkB16xqFSuQH_2AVhg6_BhyOwa3PFyNfF2egX3Uh4UTdNH8Vh3iTlCu6SK2sukzxGbOW7XM

2. Paya Lebar MRT Station (Circle Line and East-West Line)

3. Mountbatten MRT Station (Circle Line)

4. Eunos MRT Station (East-West Line)

5. Stadium MRT Station

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