Good news for motorcyclists especially despatch/delivery riders in Singapore

A few months ago, MP Er Lee Bee Wah told me that our despatch/delivery riders need our help with their motorcycle parking fees. As delivery riders, they have to make frequent trips to multiple places in a single day, and may have to park in a few HDB and URA car parks in one day.

We have helped these riders by capping their parking fees at $0.65 per entry into each HDB or URA car park. But because they mayPer minute parking cover several car parks, they can still chalk up considerable parking charges. And apparently, they bear these charges themselves, and not their employers.

I am happy to announce that HDB and URA will be implementing per-minute parking for motorcycles parking at their Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks from tomorrow. Motorcyclists will be charged a new EPS parking rate of $0.20 per hour, or $0.00333 per minute, and the total parking charges at each car park will remain capped at $0.65 per day or night parking session. This will particularly benefit the delivery riders. They will pay less than before, much less.

Of course, the existing grace period of 10 minutes will remain unchanged.

Mr Ahmad Indra Bin Sabtu is one motorcyclist who will benefit from the new parking rate. He is a delivery rider who visits some 25 car parks for a typical shift and used to spend up to $5 on parking charges daily. Now, Mr Ahmad Indra can pay as he parks, with the charges capped at $0.65 per session (or $1.30 for the whole day and night) at each car park.

This change will benefit the despatch and delivery riders personally. But their employers may also want to play a part too, by taking on some of the parking charges incurred by their employees?

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