New app from Hongkong coming to Singapore

The advent of cab booking apps such as GrabTaxi has provided greater convenience for commuters. In today’s Business Times, a Hong Kong-based tech start-up is trying to do the same with the goods vehicle market here. Called GoGoVan, the app connects commercial vehicle drivers with customers, enabling logistic solutions, especially for last mile delivery services. GoGoVan is an app that helps you book a professional driver – it can be a van or motorcycle or lorry – at any time of the day, instantly.  Since its launch in Hong Kong in July last year, the app has replaced traditional call centres there, with more than 16,000 drivers registered on it and more than 600,000 transactions logged. “We are literally the largest fleet (of commercial vehicles) in Hong Kong already,” Mr Lam said.

Will you use them here?

See more here:


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