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Declutter your home

In Singapore, where everybody is so busy with work and many obligations, it is hard not to imagine a cluttered home for some. To declutter, it seems so formidable a task to most that usually it don’t get done well. Here are some tips where you can start the declutter process in a more rewarding fashion
1. Divide and conquer. Instead of doing too much at one go, you can start with a particular area first, like a room. This is a more efficient way and instant results are assured usually. However it does not help if you only transfer one clutter to another room.
Also keep your tasks small, like 20 mins to clear the drawers in your bedroom, instead of doing the whole bedroom.
2. Schedule sessions. Commit to a timeline to declutter your room. A deadline helps to give focus.
3. Categorise your storage. Work out a systematic way of storing your stuff in logical places. For example keep all stationery in your study room.
4. List down contents of storage boxes. Choose clear containers and folders will help you to visualize te contents. A list of contents can be pasted on the side of the containers.
5. Sorting out clutter to keep or discard. A system of ‘donate, ‘throw’, ‘recycle’, and ‘store’ will help you to decide how to deal with the existing clutter.
6. Space saving furniture. If space is a limitation, choose sofa-beds and other multifunctional furniture to liberate space.
7. Change your mindset. Break old habits that lead to clutter problem like over buying of things and keeping of old unused stuff. Keep documents and stuff in the right places and you have a clutter free life.

Former Joo Chiat Police Station may house F&B concept-based Hotel

86 East Coast Road2

There is an article in today’s BT, that the new hotel in katong will be runned by a famous hotel chain. In January, a joint venture between Master Contract Services and Keong Hong Construction clinched the 99-year leasehold site at an Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) tender, for $352.8 million or $1,326.11 per square foot of potential gross floor area (GFA). Located next to the 112 Katong mall, the 88,678 sq ft site can have maximum GFA of about 266,041 sq ft. This includes around 13,132 sq ft in the former Joo Chiat Police Station at 86 East Coast Road, a two-storey building constructed in the 1920s and gazetted for conservation in 1993.

Global hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is said to have signed a memorandum of understanding to manage the two hotels that will spring up on the former Joo Chiat Police Station site at East Coast Road. One tower will be branded Holiday Inn Express and the other, Hotel Indigo, a boutique hotel concept aligned with the local neighbourhood story.

The site is near the East Coast-Joo Chiat road junction.


Property Leasing in Singapore Part 1

For those who are considering to lease a property in Singapore, you may want to know the following:

1. Room Rentals

For those who want to have affordable rentals, the prices ranges fr $200 per person (based on room sharing basis) or cosy master bedrooms with ensuite at $1000+ per room per month. The contract usually starts from 6months to a year. A month’s deposit applies, with utilities such as aircon and electricity included usually. There are many direct tenants and landlords via online portals but be careful that all leases comes with a contract with payment and clauses spelt out carefully.

2. Whole apartments

For those who want to rent a whole unit for your family or as a group of friends, the options include renting HDB flats for the budget conscious or private housing. For HDB flats which are public housing, one must keep note as there are many rules regulating the rental of the place. It includes the profiles of the tenants as well as the landlords, as well as the duration of the lease. The contract usually is longer and more comprehensive. Stamp Duties need to be paid as well by the tenant. It is essential to engage a trusted realtor or consult a friend who is versed in the terms and conditions. Rentals for HDB flats ranges from $1.5K to $3K+ in prime districts.

For those who have a better budget, renting a private apartment or condominium with facilities is actually an ideal option for the well-traveled and the busy executive. The usual facilities include a pool and a gym, with tennis courts and squash courts in bigger and older developments. If one engaged a trusted and competent realtor, most of the issues involved in a lease agreement can be settled with easily. If one decide to go on his own, be sure to note the terms in the lease duration, the terms and conditions as well as the handover date. One may also note that in Singapore, co-broking is common in leasing. Thus it will be preferred to have a realtor to represent the tenant in case of any clash of interests of the leases.

To be continued…