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Hindsight: Property 2014 BT in Mar 2014


Found this article in Mar 2014. How different is the market now compared to the forecast then, as well as the similarities.

Though this is old news, I thought it is good to look at hindsight to review some of the property classes that are now worth considering with some old insight.


CK Home installation

In this weekend’s copy of Business Times, there was an article on Calvin Klein Home installation at old Kallang Airport. According to the article. According to the article, Calvin Klein Home was started in 1995. From a range of bedlinen, the home collection has now grown to nine categories of products, including bedding, bath, dinnerware, tabletop, table linens, giftware, rugs, down, and furniture.

“The Calvin Klein Home client is “a modern man or woman, who knows the brand well and is already wearing the apparel and who wants the pared down minimal lifestyle.” Just as with its fashion counterpart, the look of the Home collection is “very understated, it is about quiet luxury and elegance. ”

I took a look at the website and saw quite a number of designs, though minimal. For those well-heeled and wants a branded home apparel choice, can consider this option. I personally hope to pop by old Kallang Airport to see if the installation is still there.

The link is http://explore.calvinklein.com/en_US/explore/ckhome/home/products/-curator-collection-upholstered-furniture-T132-TLNK132?elementid=MEDIA877

Calvin Klein Home website


Calvin Klein Home