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Indians overtook Indonesians among foreign property buyers

Something unexpected has taken place in the second quarter of the year – Indonesians’ share of private home purchases here by permanent residents and foreigners sank to a fresh low.

So much so that Indians zoomed past to emerge as the third largest group of non-Singaporean buyers in the quarter. Indonesians came in fourth.

In absolute numbers, though, purchases by both nationalities increased quarter on quarter amid an across-the-board rise in private home transactions, according to a DTZ analysis of URA Realis caveats data.

In the April-June period, Indonesians bought 95 private homes, a 13.1 per cent rise from 84 a quarter earlier. This gave them an 11 per cent share of the 834 units acquired in Q2 by PRs and foreign buyers – the lowest recorded in the URA Realis database that dates back to Q1 1995.

Di Tanjong Katong – A glimpse of old Katong via a Singaporean Classic

Seeing the development of Katong through a montage of old photos of Katong area, listening to a classic Singaporean Song of Di Tanjung Katong. Some memories will always remain. Sometimes old things are better. National Day is coming soon. Majulah Singapura!